Southern three-banded armadillo

Southern three-banded armadillo

Latin name: Tolypeutes matacus

An Efficient Defense!

  • It stands out by its ability to completely roll itself into a ball that can easily withstand dog and coyote bites. Its shell is made up of very thick armored bands that can bend in the center.
  • It tears into termite mounds and ant hills with its long claws. Its elongated snout and long sticky tongue are used to capture its preys.
  • A female only has a single offspring each year; it is pink at birth and its soft body plates gradually harden with time. The young is able to roll itself into the size of a golf ball.
  • It is still hunted by the South American peoples for its edible flesh. It is easily captured due to its method of defense.
  • It is vulnerable because of the souvenir tourist trade. Handbags, trash cans and other unusual creations are made from its skin are available for sale in some local markets.
  • Distribution

    Central and Southern S. America

  • Habitat

    Various environments

  • Diet


  • Status

    Near threatened

  • Zoo Zone

    Not visible