Cownose ray

Cownose ray

Latin name: Rhinoptera bonasus

Elegant Underwater Bird!

  • It has a crease in the middle of its snout that divides it in two lobes, similar to that of the cow's nose, from where it gets its common name.
  • This ray is an ocean bottom feeder. Thanks to its specialized senses. it can detect its preys even if they are buried in the sand. It feeds mainly on bivalves, but will also eat fish, crustaceans and mollusks.
  • It can jump out of the water, probably in order to escape from a predator. It moves by beating its wing flaps, reminiscent of a bird in flight.
  • It has a short dart at the base of its tail that produces a weak venom concentration which act as vasoconstriction. Thermosensitive, the venom's effect can be counteracted by exposing the sting to very hot water.
  • In several international waters, ray and shark fishing is not controlled and results in overfishing which exerts enormous pressure on these fish populations. This ray may also inadvertently end up in the nets of shrimp fishermen.
  • Distribution

    Warm waters of the western Atlantic

  • Habitat

    Bays and estuaries

  • Diet


  • Status

    Near threatened

  • Zoo Zone

    South Pacific Odyssey Pavilion