Thomson’s gazelle

Thomson’s gazelle

Latin name: Eudorcas thomsonii

Small but Fast!

  • It's one of the savannah's smallest gazelles with a weight varying between 13 and 30 kg. When sprinting, it can reach 80 km/hr. It is one of the rare animals to give the cheetah, the fastest animal on earth, a little competition.
  • In situations of stress, it springs one metre into the air, four feet off the ground, in a behaviour called stotting.
  • It drinks very little, taking what hydration it needs from the food it consumes and the dew deposited on vegetation.
  • The zebra, the gnu and the Thomson's gazelle represent 60% of the ungulate biomass in the Serengeti. This number moves up to nearly 94% when only the eastern plains are considered.
  • Populations are declining due to a shortage of water, the impact of tourism, modifications to their habitat, the increase in roadways and farming.
  • Distribution

    Eastern Africa

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  • Status

    Near threatened

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