Rainbow lorikeet

Rainbow lorikeet

Latin name: Trichoglossus haematodus

Colourful Acrobats!

  • The lorikeets have long, narrow and brush-tipped tongues that are adapted for collecting pollen as well as nectar from flowers.  
  • They are true acrobats! They use their feet and beaks to move about in trees and are even able to feed with their heads upside down. 
  • The lorikeets are gregarious and nomadic. They can be very loud! At night time, tens of thousands might gather together. During the day, they travel in smaller groups of about a dozen individuals and get together in larger numbers where an abundance of food is available.  
  • The lorikeets are great pollinators within their natural surroundings. In some Australian states however, their populations are controlled since they can destroy up to 90% of some fruit crops. 
  • The most serious threat weighing on this species is loss of habitat and the disappearance of old trees with cavities in which they nest.
  • Distribution


  • Habitat

    Tropical forests, gardens

  • Diet


  • Status

    Least concern

  • Zoo Zone

    Oceania's Garden