Red-footed tortoise

Red-footed tortoise

Latin name: Geochelone carbonaria

It Will Eat Anything!

  • Although it prefers fruits, flowers and invertebrates (especially insect larvae), it will also eat mushrooms, carrion, and even feces occasionally!
  • Although the adult does not have any predators, the young risk being eaten by animals introduced into their environment such as dogs, wild boars and rats.
  • The red-footed tortoise might have been a food staple of the pre Columbian Indians while they travelled, which would explain their introduction to South America islands.
  • Tortoises are generally quiet by nature. The red-footed tortoise male emits a particular squeak that is specific to this species.
  • Although it is considered plentiful in the wild, its trade is not controlled and is therefore subject to a drop in its wild populations.
  • Distribution

    Northern South America

  • Habitat

    Savannahs, open forests

  • Diet


  • Status

    Not Assessed

  • Zoo Zone

    The Temple (inside)