Golden lion tamarin

Golden lion tamarin

Latin name: Leontopithecus rosalia

A Life Spent in Trees!

  • It is its magnificent golden reddish orange mane that has earned it the name of lion tamarin. There is no sexual dimorphism within the species: males and females possess the same physical characteristics.
  • The rich shades of its fur allow it to use the colourful flowers and fruit of the tropical forest as camouflage. It then becomes difficult to distinguish it within the canopy's shadow plays.
  • Its favourite fruit are tender, sweet and fleshy, it also consumes insects, spiders, snails and bird eggs.
  • Grooming is an important part of social interaction. This activity is undertaken during long rest periods, when all the members of a group are huddled together.
  • The destruction of its habitat is seriously threatening this small primate; in the Eighties, its population as less than 100 individuals. In 2000, the number went up to 1,000 thanks to conservation efforts, including over 400 individuals introduced from captive breeding programs.
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    Tropical forests

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