An Ambitious Fundraising Campaign Goal of $200,000

Another continent, a rich and diversified fauna, endangered species, inspiring communities, adverse working conditions, numerous unforeseeable events… It is not just the challenges but the opportunities laying ahead that motivated the Zoo de Granby to get involved with this ambitious overseas project!

Five objectives were established in order to carry out this conservation initiative oriented towards elephants, gorillas and other threatened species, while advocating the protection of the territory by involving the citizens and surrounding economic players.

The five objectives of the project

About the Campo-Ma'an National Park

Campo-Ma’an National Park covers an area of 264,000 hectares (more than 5 times the island of Montreal) and is surrounded by dozens of villages and a population of 100,000 mainly indigenous people. The park is registered among the 33 priority zones of the Network of Protected Areas in Central Africa. Located nearby the port city of Kribi, a popular tourist seaside resort, the park welcomes a few hundred visitors annually. Its ecotourism potential is, of course, much higher. The park has a great variety of habitats and shelters dozens of endangered species. More than 700 gorillas, 700 chimpanzees, 350 elephants, some 300 bird species and 122 reptile species are found in it. It is also the only protected area where the mandrill can be found in Cameroon.

An employee of the zoo joins the action

After completing a college degree in Animal Care and having lived many enriching experiences on the African continent, Valerie Michel now works with the elephants and gorillas at the Zoo de Granby.

It is her mandate to travel to the Campo Ma’an National Park to participate in its conservation activities along with a team of representatives from the Foundation for Environment and Development in Cameroon, the park conservation services, the World Wildlife Fund and the Concordia University.