A multifunction bracelet

A bracelet to access different activities and interactions throughout your visit, and facilitate no-contact payments.

A new visit experience

A Practical Solution to Enjoy Your Day

Plan your visit in a few clicks! Admission tickets, ride tokens and our restaurant and boutique offers; all in one transaction, on your bracelet connected as soon as you arrive.

Facilitated Payments

Complete your transactions on the site with your connected bracelet. Simply add digital money in advance via your online account and that's it! (No need for a credit card or cash!)

Photos and videos accessible on your online account

You’ll find Photo booths everywhere throughout the Zoo. Smile when you find one them! Your souvenir photos will be available instantly on your online account.

Enhance your stay with

Logo Final Exp Plus Blanc

When you purchase your souvenir connected bracelet for $8.99, you’ll unlock a host of exclusive benefits during your visit.

Head out on a mission on each continent!

Look for our different fun stations on the site. Endangered species, true or false, interactive experiences... each station is linked to your online account. Follow your progress and complete your missions!

Take advantage of discounts in our boutiques and restaurants

Your souvenir bracelet gives you access to several discounts: 2 for 1 on cotton candy, 25% off the purchase of a 2nd stuffed animal from the boutique, 1 extra free refill on our souvenir glasses or tornado glasses and the resto after 4PM promotion anytime! ($1.50 rebate on beer, 2 hot dogs or 2 corn dogs for $3, 2 hot dogs or 2 corn dogs and 1 bag of chips for $3.75, small regular poutine for $6)

Wear Your Reusable Souvenir Bracelet With Pride

Each connected bracelet comes with an original animal’s head. However, you’ll be able to customize them! Visit the boutique to discover the five (5) other animal head designs ($2.99/ 1 head or $6.99/ 3 heads). Each head also unlocks new interactions on the site, it will be up to you to discover them!

Access your online account and follow your progress!


Prepare Your Visit

Before you visit the Zoo, access or create your online account. These few minutes are essential to get your mission started as soon as you arrive. Then simply add your code from your bracelet.

Follow Your Evolution

Retrace your journey and consult your missions’ progress. Will you be able to find all the stations on the site?

Taking Action to Preserve

Learn more about the Zoo de Granby’s mission and about all the different endangered species.