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Dinosaurs at Zoo de Granby!
Zoo de Granby announces its latest endeavour for the summer of 2017

Granby, December 14, 2016 - Zoo de Granby has announced an investment of nearly $ 1 M to implement its new project for the summer of 2017, during which the theme exhibit called Dinozoo will have us explore the world of dinosaurs. From the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex to the fascinating Triceratops, no fewer than 21 life-size specimens will be found throughout an exterior itinerary in a brand-new Jurassic World.

The question is, which one of our future residents will most astound our visitors? The Omeisaurus will measure 16 feet in height whereas the Amargasaurus will cover 31 feet in length. Impressive! The aerial train experience will be enhanced with some surprising dinosaur apparitions as it takes its passengers through some of its twists and turns.

This new world will constitute a great addition to Zoo de Granby’s existing four continents: Africa, South America, Asia and Oceania. Our visitors will be venturing into a world integrating the well-known classical dinosaurs with paleontologists’ newly discovered creatures from all around the globe. Information panels will be placed near each dinosaur species as we do with all our animal collection.

You will be awed by the realism and animation of these animatronic dinosaurs. They’re real! They’re right there, in front of us, twisting and turning their heads. As they open their enormous toothed jaws, their eyes blinking to better stare at us, moving their limbs, lashing the air with their powerful tails and roaring as they acknowledge our presence, we truly believe we have travelled back to Jurassic times. Shivers are guaranteed!

There will be no extra fees for visiting the Dinozoo exhibit, included in our regular summer rates. This novelty will surely please the whole family, children young and old! The exhibit was extremely successful when it was presented in several other animal parks, especially when they were held within authentic outdoor environments and by answering the educational mission of the zoos.

Biologists present throughout the itinerary, mascots, animation, breathtaking settings, spin-off products and a temporary be added onto this thrilling novelty. With this new Jurassic World, our zoo is adding another string to its already extensive offer along with its three other pillars (the animal, aquatic and amusement parks). 

The invitation is set for next may 20th! Until then, to learn more about the new exhibit, follow us on our social networks by using the hashtag #dinozoo.

“Zoo de Granby is a non-profit organization, founded in 1953, with the mission of offering an enriching, entertaining and educational experience aimed at creating animal conservation awareness for a diverse clientele of all ages. The zoo does not receive any operational funding. During its peak season, it employs nearly 700 people. The direct and indirect economic benefits Zoo de Granby offers the region has been estimated at more than $50 M annually. An increase of 75% since 2004.”

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