Q: Is it possible to walk in the 5K race?

A: No, but since it is a family event, you will be able to complete the race at your own speed. It will be important to choose the right corral according to your speed.

Q: If I’m running in the 5K race and I want to accompany my child in the 1K race, do I have to register for that race as well and pay both registration fees for myself plus one for my child?

A: You don’t have to register twice. You will be able to accompany your child in the 1K race.

Q: I would like to accompany my young child in the 1K race, must I register as well?

A: It will be possible for you to accompany your child in the 1K race without having to register for the race yourself. However, you will not be eligible for the advantages associated with your registration (free access to the zoo for the rest of the day, for example). If you wish to spend the day along with your child, you will need to purchase a ticket at our fall rates. Please note that only one parent can accompany a child (1 parent per child).

Q: Can I race while pushing a stroller?

A: Yes, it is possible to run with a stroller, but you will be placed at the end of your starting wave, even if you’re a fast runner.

Q: Can I register more than one person at a time? If yes, what is the maximum number?

A: Yes, to your first question and there’s no limit. However, there is a set time limit to finalize your transaction.

Q: If I already have a season pass for the zoo, can I get an extra discount on the race registration fee?

 A: No, since the objective is to raise money for the Zoo de Granby Foundation, no discounts will be given.

Q: Can I be accompanied by someone who won’t be participating in the race?

A: Since the race starts and ends in the parking lot of the zoo, it will be possible for you to be accompanied by another person without having them register. This person will be able to cheer as you take off and when you cross the finish line. This person cannot, however, enter the zoo grounds before the end of the event (the zoo will open at 11 a.m.) and after having purchased an entrance pass at the ongoing rate.