The Holidays are behind us now and January is the ideal month for looking back at what we’ve accomplished over the last twelve months … it’s also the perfect time to make significant, positive changes, and not only for us!

Instead of the regular resolutions for the new year, your wallet or waistline in mind, in 2019, why not be original and make a special commitment that will have a positive effect on our wildlife? Each small gesture has the power, if multiplied by many, to have a real impact on the survival of entire populations.

The Zoo de Granby team is suggesting these ideas to help you:

  1. Install bat houses
    Our bats’ natural shelters are becoming scarce. Not only will you be helping small colonies to establish themselves in a safe environment, in return, your new boarders will help you reduce the number of mosquitoes in your garden!
  2. Never go shopping without your reusable bags
    By reducing the number of single-use bags, eventually we’ll find fewer of them in the environment. Reduced into fragments, these bags contaminate the soil and waterways, and end up in the food chain.
  3. Choose flowering plants for your flower beds and yard
    Not only will you have the pleasure of seeing hummingbirds and butterflies fly about, you’ll also be contributing to maintaining healthy pollinating insect populations, so essential to our crops.
  4. Buy sustainably grown or developed products
    Chocolate, coffee, palm oil … mobile applications will help you understand and quickly identify products that respect our flora and fauna as well as workers’ rights. With a simple click, you’ll help protect forests and their biodiversity.
  5. Collect your souvenirs … responsibly
    When you’re travelling to foreign countries, often souvenirs are made with endangered animal species: ivory, turtle scales, snake skins, etc. Instead, opt for local crafts (ceramics, scarves, sculptures) or perhaps pictures of your most memorable adventures!

In 2019, the Zoo de Granby has also made some resolutions. One of these is to compensate for the zoo’s greenhouse gas emissions when we transport our animals (arrivals and departures) throughout the year. We will donate the money we’ll have collected to a local organization which carries out reforestation activities.

What about you? What will YOU commit to in 2019?