7 tips for an exceptional day at the zoo

1. Plan your visit
Purchasing your admissions and a VIP parking tickets on our web site will save you precious minutes. You wish to enjoy the water park? Why not rent one of our cabanas?

2. Travel Light
The car is overloaded? Leave the unessential at home and take advantage of our rental items: strollers, carts, floating vests, lockers, etc.

3. Organize Your Day Counter-clockwise
Why not start your day by going to the Amazoo Water Park? Or by visiting the Oceania continent? Most visitors begin their visit by taking the African trail.

4. Respect our animals

For their health, we ask that you DO NOT TO FEED our animals. They are fed with specially balanced diets adapted to their needs.

5. Attend the presentations and enrichment activities

Consult the schedule on the site map you’ll receive when you arrive at the zoo. The Animal Care technicians will have you discover some of the well-kept secrets of many species residing at the zoo!

6. Optimize your experience at the amusement park

Buy an amusement park booklet so the entire family can take advantage of a maximum of activities at a reduced price (roller coaster, monorail, 7D cinema, etc.).

7. Have supper at the Zoo
Avoid the end of day traffic by having supper in one of our restaurants. Discover our many promotions available after 5:00 p.m.!