A GRAND Project for the Zoo this Spring

Integrating a project such as the Dinozoo Park within the Zoo de Granby represents quite the challenge for our Maintenance and Construction team.

Just try to imagine having to add 21 full-scale dinosaurs (some measuring more than 10 metres in length) in an already quite busy area … moreover, these specimens all need their own personal space (they can move) and function on electricity.

The project was launched in the Fall of 2016 when the Dinozoo Parc site plans were first laid out. Each specimen was positioned from a bird’s eye view perspective. The team had to be careful to leave enough clearance so that every dinosaur had its proper movement range while placing them with respect to the chronological order in which each species appeared. They also had to keep in mind the logistics surrounding accesses, the addition of theme boutiques, etc.

The next step: Preparing the pathway, therefore relocating a habitat, installing a new underground power line, paving some uncovered areas while making sure there weren’t any trees obstructing the way.

Then the time will come to put together these giant specimens and stage this new world. It took eight containers to hold all the necessary material for assembling our animated residents. Furthermore, the zoo hopes to recreate a true Jurassic Park ambiance. To accomplish this, no details were left to chance: visual and sound effects, information panels for each species, paleontological experiences and much more!

The team still has a lot on their plate between now and next May 20’s summer opening. It’s going to be a busy spring, but well rewarded when we will greet our awestruck visitors as they take in the new Dinozoo Park!