For the 2022 summer season, the Zoo de Granby is preparing a great new attraction with its ANIMABLOC exhibition! Consisting of 26 life-size animals figures and 4 photo shoot zones, all constructed with toy building blocks, this novelty will definitely appeal to small and tall alike.
With a circuit set across all the Zoo continents—including the water park and even the amusement park—visitors will be able to observe these imposing and impressive structures, and learn more about each species’ precarious status, their natural environment and the role zoos play in animal conservation. An educational and fun experience! Most of the species presented in the exhibition will be positioned close to their actual counterparts: the giraffe sculpture overlooking the African savannah, the octopus sculpture inside our South Pacific Odyssey aquarium, etc.

For the duration of the event, we’ve designed a route showcasing the endangered species residing at the zoo, as well as animals from elsewhere. For example, the gorilla sculpture and its educational panel will highlight the Zoo de Granby’s involvement in Cameroon, whereas the brown bear and baby sculpture will allow us to share more information about our Canadian wildlife.

Finally, if the Amur Leopard sculpture contains 42,500 toy building blocks, can you guess the number of blocks needed to build the impressive elephant sculpture? Or the Mako Shark? We’ll let you guess and participate in the contest on our website this summer … All bets are on! And all you need to do is come and visit us! Why not purchase a summer membership?

Find them all!

The alligator, the macaw, the elephant, the lioness, the snow leopard and the giraffe are just a few of the animal reproductions exhibited on the site this summer.