A Solidarity Drive for Australia’s Wildlife

The Fondation du Zoo de Granby is seeking the public’s support through its fundraising campaign to help Australia’s flora and wildlife, devastated by the country’s ongoing forest fires. Protecting endangered species is a Zoo de Granby’s priority and a key part of its mission.

The zoo’s foundation is therefore committed to donate an amount of $20,000 to the cause.

25,000 koalas perished in a special sanctuary on Kangaroo Island, destroyed by the fires.

Ecologists estimate that nearly half a billion animals have died in Australia’s bushfires. These fires have pushed back field conservation efforts by several decades. In fact, because their ecosystems have never been affected to this extent before, many species might not recover. The effect is even more devastating on the flora side since 3/4 of the Australia’s endangered species are plant species.

Following a recommendation by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), from which the Zoo de Granby is accredited, all donations will go to the Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund. The campaign was launched by Zoos Victoria’s three zoological gardens: the Healesville Sanctuary, the Melbourne Zoo and the Werribee Open Range Zoo. The donations gathered will be used in emergency veterinary care for animals affected by the fires, and to ensure Australia’s wildlife long-term recovery.

Two unique and endangered species, the glossy black cockatoo and the dunnart, a mouse-size marsupial, have had the greatest part of their habitat destroyed by bushfires on Kangaroo Island.