Often a wool hat, mittens and the warmest of coats, still doesn’t seem enough to face the cold! Yet, many animal species cheerfully go about their activities even when temperatures dip below -30 C! How do they do it? These frigid weather experts have their own tricks and have adapted in unique ways to handle the coldest of winters without covering up with many layers of textile!

Fur … but especially an undercoat of fur!

Fur coats are known to keep us warm even in brutally cold weather. However, some animals, beneath their long hair surface coats, have another layer of short, very dense fur. This insulates their skin from outside humidity and helps them conserve their body heat; The arctic fox’s fur is so dense that it allows this species to conserve its body temperature even when outside temperatures drop to -50 o Celsius!

Careful with your extremities!

Since animals can’t wear a hat or mittens, it’s crucial for them to protect their extremities to avoid frostbite! Certain species might have shorter ears and tails, but more importantly, these parts are also covered with a dense fur. For example, the snow leopard has shorter, more rounded ears than its cousin, the serval, found in the African savannah. The snow leopard’s tail is almost a metre long and serves as a scarf that it wraps around its legs in frigid weather.

The rounder the better!

The bigger the volume of a body regarding its exposed skin, the better it can conserve heat; this is why Nordic animals seem to be larger and bulkier than their southern counterparts, which often have a more elongated shape. For example, a common seal is much more resistant to the cold than a sea lion.

From a biological point of view, humans are clearly not made for the cold; However, warmly dressed, the joys of winter are not to be missed!


We love going to the zoo. (…) Most of the animals were out and the grandkids were thrilled. I'd never been to the Dinozoo before and I thought it was pretty cool especially with the movement and sounds. The design is great in that it's seperated and all goes back to the center.

Stephen Eyton-Jones

We had an excellent time! We have not been in over 10 years and are so glad we went! The park is clean. The food was well priced for a theme park. We loved the Dinozoo! We have terrible French speaking abilities but appreciated your courteous and friendly staff, we felt welcome!

Bonnie Diane

A good place for family outing with zoo, water park and rides all at one place. All the attractions are conveniently placed very close to each other. Food court is good too and you can also bring in your lunch.

Anand Bharadwaj Aryasomayajula

Amazing place. Perfect for the whole family. They constantly improve their environments and animals collection.

Boris Kosov

Amazing place to take the family! Lots of animals to see, amazing water park and fun rides. Great packages available with hotels close by for out of town visitors. Highly recommend!

Paul Winch

What a great time. Would definitely go again. The zoo care takers are amazing at what they do and so friendly. I would recommend if you have never gone it's a bucket list. Oh and don't forget to go and pet the sting rays.

Jamie Krichtoff

It's the 3rd year in a row that my family and I visit this Zoo. Even though it was during the busiest day they had this year, we were able to visit everything and fully enjoy the experience. Don't forget to bring your bathing suit cause they have an amazing wave pool!

Éric Trudel

First time visiting here on our annual summer week in Québec. We went for the 2 day family pass, and had an amazing time. The 2 days allowed us to take our time around the park, and gave plenty of time as well for cooling off at the Amazoo. We'll definitely come back!

JR Bélanger

Our family absolutely enjoyed our day! There was so much to do! Park was very clean and staff was very friendly and helpful with any questions!!! We plan on going next year and making it a weekend trip so that we can enjoy the whole park!

Crystal Wilson

Our whole family attended yesterday. It was absolutely spectacular. We had a fantastic time! Thanks for the memories!

Samantha Hope

I had an amazing time here with my family! My kids absolutely loved it. Amazing experience :)

Mario Sevo