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As furtive as a shadow, the snow leopard has a downy, dense coat! This feline is well adapted to cold climates and is known to be quite agile on mountainous terrains. Its tail is almost as long as its entire body and surely has a lot to do with this!

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“Elsa is a young female with a sweet, calm nature. Sometimes she can become quite energetic when she finds the enrichment treat the animal keepers have prepared for her.”
—Linda Couture, animal keeper at the Zoo de Granby

“During her biomedical training session, Elsa is very focused on the orders that are given so she can receive her reward, a little meatball. We hope she will one day be able to transmit her fine qualities to her offspring.”
—Ariane Saad, animal keeper at the Zoo de Granby

In North-American zoos, the snow leopard is part of a survival plan for endangered species which aims at carrying out effective population management through various reproduction strategies.