Friendly advice for a perfect day at the zoo

Here is some advice to turn your day at the zoo into an unforgettable experience! Whether you’re the “avoid the long waiting lines” type or the “planning manager” type, these tricks will allow you to concentrate on what is essential: Spending a perfect day with your family!


Find the Perfect Ticket

We invite to go to our rates section on the website to find your ideal pass. We have different types of passes according to the number of days you’ll want to visit and the number of people in your group. Finding the combination that best suits your needs is a must! Buy your passes online and head to the ticket counter with your papers in hand.

Save the Dino Eggs

All summer the Zoo de Granby offers its visitors three new immersive activities that will transport you to the Jurassic world! One of the three consists of having you look for and collect all the dinosaur eggs spread throughout the site by using your smart phone.

With each find, a badge will be given to the players to mark their progress and a certificate will be sent to them awarding them for their excellence! Therefore, we suggest you download the application before your visit. You’ll be ready for your quest as you start your visit. Search for Dinozoo Granby to find the application.


Would you like a VIP parking space near the entrance? Reserve your spot before your visit! Although parking at the zoo is free, we also offer some special parking spaces for those who prefer this option to our alternative parking areas (at a walking distance or with a shuttle service). The parking reservation can be made online for $10.

If you haven’t made a reservation for a VIP parking space, watch for our website alerts which will indicate the parking area you should head to.


Visit the Zoo from a New Perspective

The zoo is a magnificent place to visit, straight ahead or in reverse mode! We offer you a few pathways to visit the zoo differently. Don’t forget to consult the zookeepers’ presentations and snack distribution schedule online or on the site so you’ll be sure to be at the right place at the right time!

Food Services

Ready for a lunch break? Leave your cooler at home and discover our varied food catering services! About a dozen restaurants on the site, with their “healthy eating” options as well as their “It’s a Vacation Treats” menus, will surely satisfy the entire family’s whims. What about allergies? No problem! In our main restaurants, we offer dishes that have been certified to have no allergens. We also offer many gluten and allergen-free selections at our food stands. Ask our staff for more information, they will be happy to assist you in finding an option so you’ll spend a stress-free day! This being said, lunch boxes are always welcome at the zoo. Enjoy your picnic by taking your cooler, containing no glass nor alcohol, to one of our shade-covered terraces.

Rain or Shine!

The forecast seems uncertain? The zoo is always your best activity option! With its many interior pavilions, you’ll be able to continue your visit and protect yourself from the elements. In case of rain, the rides and the Water Park remain open, except if there’s a storm watch. Don’t forget, we also sell waterproof ponchos!

With this information, we wish you a most fulfilling and most entertaining visit, filled with fun memories and delightful pictures!