Two births that marked 2017

As we review all the events of 2017, we look back at two births that marked the year:

Coumba: the 17th baby hippopotamus to be born at the zoo!

The 2017 Spring Break started out great with the birth of a hippopotamus on February 27. It was the 17th to be born at the zoo since 1973 and the sixth offspring for Polita, a zoo resident since the year 2000. Coumba spent his first weeks with Mom, away from the public eye, as they remained in their indoor quarters, but now he loves to strut about in the main basin. He can be observed in summer as much as in winter, along with his parents, Polita and Kiboko. Although baby hippos weigh between 30 kg and 50 kg at birth, Coumba will quintuple his weight to reach 250 kg by the time we will celebrate his first birthday!

Sakura: Our little macaque delivered by caesarian!

A few weeks later, Zoo de Granby welcomed a little Japanese macaque, born thanks to a caesarian successfully performed by the zoo’s animal care team. A couple of days before the birth, the zookeepers had noticed that one of the Japanese macaques, a female named Zoé, was showing signs that she might be going into labour. However, the following day there was still no baby to be seen. The female was visibly uncomfortable and weak, so an examination under general anesthesia was quickly planned in order to evaluate the situation. Through an ultrasound scan, the veterinarian care team was able to determine that the baby was alive but unable to come out naturally. They then decided to perform an emergency Caesarian! The veterinarians, animal health technicians and the Asian sector zookeepers worked together to complete this necessary surgery as quickly as possible. This is how a little 386-gram female was born last April 11. Today little Sakura is in great health and has taken her place within her clan!