Felines From The Great Cold

Did you know that Zoo de Granby is home to three felines native to some of the highest regions of the globe? What do they have in common? They are all endangered species mainly because of poaching, conflicts with humans and deforestation issues. These magnificent predators are extremely well adapted to their environment and know how to fully take advantage of the joys of winter!

The Snow Leopard has a woolly layer under its dense fur, keeping it quite warm. Its bushy tail is more than a meter in length and serves to maintain balance as it travels over steep mountain terrain or as a protective scarf against strong blizzard-like winds.

The Amur tiger is the biggest feline in the world and used to be known as the Siberian tiger. It owes its new name to the Amur river which separates China and Russia within its distribution area. There are no two tigers with the same stripe patterns, and the stripe design will also generally differ from one side of each individual to the other.

The Amur leopard is probably the most endangered feline species in the world: there are fewer than 70 left in the wild! This super athlete is capable of tremendous 6-metre long jumps and can run at speeds reaching almost 60 km per hour!

These three magnificent felines are featured among the stars of our animal collection, which you will be able to admire in a snow-covered environment, starting on December 26.