Five Course Menu

You think that deciding what to make for supper is a pain? Then imagine having close to 2,000 mouths to feed! Although each species in our animal collection has its own dietary requirements, the animal care team succeeds, day after day, in fulfilling all the nutritional needs of our residents, often very creatively!

All our animals follow a strict and carefully tracked diet: it is adjusted according to season, gestation, particular medical condition, etc. The appetites of carnivores, herbivores, insectivores, piscivores and frugivores from Asia, Africa, Oceania...must be satisfied.

To accomplish this, about forty varieties of dry food, nearly fifty different kinds of fruit and vegetables (according to season), fish, shrimp, horse meat, hay and other delights are prepared daily to fill the stomachs. Over 15 tons of meat, a ton of potatoes, 300 dozen eggs and 8,000 crickets are needed yearly to feed all.

Despite a rigorous diet, is there room for treats? Of course! Whether it be for enrichment, biomedical training or to camouflage a treatment, our residents are occasionally allowed treats.

The gorillas especially love hazelnuts or raspberries during training sessions. As for the elephants, carrot slices or alfalfa squares draw their attention! In the fall, pumpkins make the hippos very happy and a glob of peanut butter on a stick fulfills the senses of the Himalayan black bear!