The Super Dads of the Animal Kingdom!

Every year in June we celebrate the fatherly qualities of all the Henrys, Patricks, Georges, and Victors of this world. However, the human species doesn’t hold a monopoly on unconditional love when it comes to caring for our offspring. So why not pay tribute to all good fathers, all species combined!

The Emperor Penguin

Many species of birds share tasks related to rearing their young, but none take their part more to heart than the emperor penguin. Once the egg is laid, the female gives it to a very determined dad who will incubate it for two months without feeding himself and without ever leaving the egg, even by an inch; with temperatures that can plummet to -500 Celsius within a few minutes, he knows this would be deadly for the embryo!


Were you moved as you were observing the mother swan transporting her fledglings on her back to protect them? Think again! you would have most likely been mistaken, since you were probably in awe of their father! The male gets involved in all the cares given to his cygnets and protects them from the cold as well as from predators.


It’s dad’s responsibility to carry the young, twins most of the time, seven days per week and 24 hours per day. He only returns them to the mom a few minutes per day for their feeding. He will carry them around like this until they become mature and are about a year old.


The Alpha male watches-over his family clan which often includes close to 30 females and their young. It is his responsibility to guide the clan, find food and protect his large family. Although he possesses 200 kg of muscle power, he plays around patiently with the younger gorillas and intervenes wisely to resolve their conflicts.

Frogs and Toads

Many lessons can be learned from the parenting attributes of male frogs and toads: Many species incubate their eggs right inside their mouths to ensure them a fail-safe protection! Others watch over the eggs or tadpoles day and night to make sure they don’t dry up.