Meet Louis and Kuchimba

The Zoo welcomed two Western Lowland male gorillas, arriving from the Philadelphia Zoo: 20-year-old Louis and 17-year-old Kuchimba. An impressive team including a veterinarian, a conservation manager and several animal care technicians of the Philadelphia Zoo accompanied the primates to their new home. They were able to facilitate the transition and also help Zoo de Granby technicians by providing precious information about Louis and Kuchimba’s habits and behaviours. Carl Rivard, the technician assigned to the Zoo de Granby’s gorilla sector, spent a couple of days at the Philadelphia Zoo, to observe the primates and exchange with the people in charge of their care, before the animals’ departure.


Western Lowland gorillas are part of a Species Survival Plan (SSP) spearheaded by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). Population management for these animals is strictly supervised in accredited zoos to preserve the species because of their precarious status in the wild. The Zoo de Granby collaborates with this program by sheltering male gorillas that could eventually be designated as breeders.

For now, the new gorillas aren’t visible to the public. They must first be kept in quarantine. During this period, they’ll remain isolated from the rest of the group and under observation by the Zoo’s animal care staff. Later, their integration process will gradually be carried out, and all the noted observations will allow the personnel to better understand these newcomers’ behaviours.