Record amounts donated to conservation projects in 2018

Did you know that the Zoo de Granby has been supporting many conservation initiatives throughout the world for more than 20 years now? Because it’s the zoo’s mission, also because it’s an accredited organization, the zoo has invested 1.2 million dollars in the preservation of biodiversity over the last 5 years.

In 2018, the zoo gave almost $375,000 to conservation projects; a record amount! The institution not only heads or collaborates with natural environment projects, it also participates in different conservation organizations through its donation grants. This way, over the past years, the zoo has been able to finance projects for 23 different institutions, among these 4 in Quebec and 19 worldwide.

Patrick Paré, Director of the Zoo de Granby's Conservation and Research Department, is responsible for selecting the organizations which will receive financing from the zoo according to the 5 following criteria:

  • The animals’ in-nature conservation status;
  • The need for protection of a species or their habitat;
  • Animal species present at the Zoo de Granby;
  • Positive impact on local human communities;
  • The reputation, prominence and scientific involvement of the partner organization.

Important donations made in 2018 include mainly conservation initiatives for African elephants, felines and gorillas.

International Elephant (African elephants): $2,600
This organization works to protect the great natural corridors which span across many Central and South African countries, allowing elephants to move safely from one area to the other.
Official website:

Snow Leopard Trust (Snow leopards): $1,300
This organization works in Mongolia, among other countries, to manage conflicts between livestock herders and snow leopards, which, because they lack natural preys, hunt livestock for their survival needs.
Official website:

Wildcats Conservation Alliance (Amur leopards and Amur Tigers): $1,000
This organization’s project aims to protect the natural habitat of the Amur tigers and leopards in Russia, monitoring their populations and long-term introduction of animals born in captivity.
Official website:

Foundation for Environment and Development in Cameroon (FEDEC) (Elephants and gorillas): $100,000
FEDEC manages many national parks in Cameroon and supports wildlife conservation initiatives and the local development of bordering human communities
Official website:

San Diego Zoo Global (Jaguars): $650
This organization supports dozens of conservation projects, notably monitoring jaguar populations in Belize, in Central America.
Official website:

Finally, all donations you give to the Zoo de Granby, through the Arrondi-don Program, when you buy your tickets at the zoo, or online, are used essentially for the conservation of threatened species in Quebec or all around the world. The Zoo de Granby stays in close contact with the organizations it supports, to ensure that entrusted funds are well invested. If you wish to contribute to the support and survival of threatened species and the work of the Zoo de Granby’s experts in conservation and research, you can do so by visiting our website: