Although human beings are the species that takes care of their young ones for the longest time (some even longer than others…!), one must not think that they hold the monopoly for nurturing and dedication. The world’s wildlife overflows with examples of devoted moms that risk everything on a daily basis to ensure the survival of their precious offspring. For Mother’s Day, let us tell you about some of these super moms of the animal world; Perhaps you’ll recognize yourself in one of them!


After humans, elephants care for their youngsters for the longest period of time. Learning how to properly use their trunk can take more than a year, but it’s learning to communicate intra-specifically, to feed themselves (finding the proper plants to eat, where to find water), to integrate a social organization that requires that a young and vulnerable calve stays close to its mom. Luckily, she can count on all the other females of the clan to help her with educating her offspring.


No one pushes the expression “I’ll sacrifice everything for my young ones” to its limits as much as octopuses. After having delicately placed a bunch of eggs to the roof of her den (up to 50,000 in all!), she’ll watch over them, day and night, without ever taking a break. Completely ceasing to feed herself, this mom uses her tentacles to clean them and her siphon to oxygenate them. Exhausted and starved, she’ll die almost at the same time as her eggs start hatching.


It goes without saying that in the animal world, having an imposing mom can be quite helpful! At first thought, the American alligator doesn’t bring to mind the image of a sweet doting mother, but you’d be wrong! Once the mom has laid her eggs deep inside a mound of decomposing vegetation, she’ll keep a fierce eye out on her nest and will defend it vigorously. And when the hatchlings come out of their shells, she’ll pick them up gently with her wide jaw and take them to the water where she’ll continue to ensure their protection. The adults remain alert to their young ones’ cries of distress for still several more years!

What about you? What kind of mom are you?

On this very special day, the personnel of the Zoo de Granby wishes all moms the best day ever! Happy Mother's Day!