The Little Guide for an Eco-Friendlier Halloween

The leaves are changing color, the cold is settling in, the Zoo has had a makeover; There’s no doubt about it, Halloween is upon us! How can we make this celebration a more eco-responsible event? Here are 5 suggestions to will help you:

1. For an Original and Unique Costume, Think Re-use!

Go to a second-hand store and have fun browsing through the shelves of your local thrift shop; let your imagination run wild! You’ll be surprised by all the treasures you’ll find to help you create a really scary look! Or, make your own by opting for recycled or used items… Trust your imagination and your creativity!

2. Pumpkins and Soups Made in Quebec

Buy locally grown pumpkins and contribute to lowering greenhouse gas emissions linked to their transport. Before decorating them, why not cook with them! Get your recipe books out and start concocting soups, cookies and muffins with an autumn flavour.

Don’t feel like cooking? No worries! Your pumpkins will truly delight our zoo animals. You can place your pumpkins in an especially marked box at the zoo the next day, just after Halloween… Careful not to paint or cut the pumpkins! (our residents prefer them to be intact).

3. Candies That Care About the Environment

The production of palm oil, used in making many treats and everyday products, contribute to the loss of enormous forest terrains, and this at a very frenzied pace. By choosing treats made without palm oil, or with only oil that has been certified eco-responsible, you help to save hundreds of animal and plant species. Use the Palm Oil Shopping App which will clearly show you the status of the products you purchase on a daily basis (food products and even cosmetics).

Also, for handing out candy, avoid placing treats that are already individually wrapped in small bags; you’ll save some money, some time and some plastic!

4. Truly Original Decorations

Rather than buy decorations in retail stores, make your own! Get your whole family involved and use old cans to create terrifying monsters, or worn out clothing to concoct horror scenes. Simply have fun using all kinds of recycled objects!

5. A Sustainable Harvest

During the evening, encourage using flashlights rather than disposable glow sticks and take advantage of this time to exercise a bit; choose to walk your route instead of taking your car. Encourage local collections in your own neighbourhood; your neighbours will be happy to welcome you.

We wish you the scariest evening ever!