Offer the Zoo for Christmas!

Would you like to help Santa Claus this year? We have a few unique ideas to inspire you.

Any Season Ticket
Offer the Zoo as a gift with the new, any-season ticket, valid on the day, and during the season, the visitor chooses, without requiring a reservation. This is our most flexible ticket!

Adoptive Parents

Black Friday Sale : Get $10 off on all Adoptive Parents programs, until November 30 only!

Become an ambassador for the protection of wildlife and of nature! By adopting one of our six animals, you’re not only creating a special bond between you and your protege, you’re also participating directly in the Zoo de Granby’s conservation education mission. Every year, our highly experienced biologists are able to reach nearly 45,000 young people through our educational workshops at the zoo, but also by going to their schools throughout Quebec. Your contribution allows us to continue our commitment to training a whole new generation of ambassadors for the protection of biodiversity.

Gift Packages
For our little explorers, we thought of everything! Gift packages including a toy and a stuffed animal are presently on promotion.

And Much More!
Let’s not forget our Zoo brand colour masks, cups and clothing!

The Zoo de Granby is a non-profit organization. Each purchase supports our mission of Taking action to preserve wildlife.