A Guiness World Record

As with all the other AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) accredited institutions, the Zoo de Granby is proud to have joined the 96 Elephants coalition in its fight against poaching for ivory. 

The name of this campaign refers to the number of great pachyderms killed each day by poachers; this corresponds to over 35,000 elephants each year. In Tanzania, one of the countries most affected by ivory traffic, the elephant populations were reduced by nearly 60% between 2009 and 2014.  

In order to make some breakthroughs, and by the same token increase awareness activities, the coalition has given itself nothing less than the goal of breaking a Guinness World Record! The aim is to produce the largest number of origami elephants and beat the present record of 33,764 units, while the wish is to display 35,000 paper creations, the number of elephants killed each year in Africa.

Every institution accredited by the AZA has been solicited on a volunteer basis and the kids at the Zoorrrrr day camp decided to accept the challenge! Aware of the cause, many have even made pieces at home to help us reach the goal of 500 origami pieces per institution. We had until September 12 to make the 500 required elephants; by August 26, we had 508!  

Mission accomplished!! The children's creations will be sent to the Bronx Zoo where the official count will be made in the presence of Guinness World Records officials. To find out more about the 96 Elephants campaign, I invite you to consult their website at https://www.96elephants.org/ .

On September 22, 2016, Elephant Appreciation Day, the total will be announced and we'll also find out if the children of the Zoorrrrr day camp helped break a Guinness record...in support of the African elephants cause.