A Birth for our Snow leopard!

After our Amur leopard Hope’s double birth, it’s now Elsa’s turn to surprise the staff by giving birth to a little snow leopard.

The 6-year-old mom gave birth to her little cub last May 15.

Elsa is a model mom and gives her offspring all the necessary cares. Being an AZA accredited institution, our couple, Elsa and Kang are part of a conservation program. Our goal is to see them reproduced in order to increase the species genetic diversity. After almost three years of trying, we’re very proud of this birth!


  • Between 3500 and 7000 surviving individuals can be found in the wild. As a result, it is designated "Vulnerable" on the IUCN red list.
  • About 600 individuals live inside zoo environments around the world.
  • The charismatic snow leopard is considered the monarch of the mountains for its beauty and its role in the mountain ecosystem of Central Asia.

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