Contrasts Found in the Animal Kingdom

As the Construction Holidays are getting under way, we can’t help but notice that how much effort we put in our work is a notion that varies quite a lot depending on the animal species. While some are tireless builders, others seem to adopt the least-effort-possible rule when the time comes to set up their personal living space. Here is a tribute to the contrast between those that take it easy and those who definitely need a vacation!

In the African savannah meerkats take their excavator role very seriously. Living in arid zones, the group establishes itself underground in order to escape the heat and most predators. A true maze of rooms and galleries, their underground complex can sometimes spread over 25 km2 with about fifteen different access points. Luckily, these little engineers can count on the strength of the group to maintain their real estate!

On the other hand, certain mammals prefer a bohemian lifestyle by setting up camp one night at a time, wherever the wind guides them; this is true for lowland gorillas. Far from them the idea of maintaining and protecting a shelter! During the day, the group will travel about according to the surrounding available resources and when night sets in, they stop and establish a temporary camp, on the ground or in the trees, layered with whatever nearby vegetation they find: The following day, they start all over again! These year-round campers have adopted a more relaxed lifestyle that many might envy.

Have a great vacation everybody!