Are Your Treats Threatening Our Biodiversity?

Next week, kids of all ages will be parading through the streets to collect their Halloween treats. As everybody is getting ready for this highly anticipated evening, we must question ourselves concerning the treats we choose to give, and this, in order to limit their impact on our biodiversity.

The world production of palm oil is the most important of all vegetable oils and among the cheapest ingredients to enter the list of almost 50% of current consumer products. About 90% of palm oil production comes from Indonesia and Malaysia. Agricultural techniques, which often don’t respect the principles of sustainable development, put hundreds of animal species at risk, among them, orangutans, the emblematic animal of the islands of Borneo and Sumatra.

With more than a hundred designations, palm oil is hidden among the ingredients of several everyday products, from shampoo to lipstick, hazelnut spread to ice cream.

For Halloween, CAZA (Canada’s accredited Zoos and Aquariums), of which the Zoo de Granby is a member, is inviting the public to act for biodiversity through these two simple actions:
- Commit to buy treats that contain no palm oil, or to buy treats that were prepared with sustainably developed palm oil.
- Download the “sustainable palm oil shopping” application to easily and quickly consult the status of the consumer product you would like to purchase.

Whether you’re an astronaut, a superhero or a witch, let’s commit to celebrate the day with respect to our biodiversity!