The Zoo de Granby offers three new immersive experiences that will transport you to the Jurassic world!

Discover some dinosaurs from the Dinozoo Park!

Save the dinosaur eggs!

The velociraptor, this cunning thief, has hidden several dinosaur eggs throughout the zoo’s continents. The famous paleontologist Jean-François Cuvier, is requesting the assistance of all zoo visitors to find them and to bring them to a safe place!

With our new mobile application, become a paleontologist and search for virtual dinosaur eggs hidden everywhere on the zoo's site! The Granby Zoo remains a must-see summer and annual destination!


Inside the discovery hut, visitors will find a panoply of information about the wonderful world of dinosaurs, thanks to an interactive board, somewhat like a giant iPad, containing texts, pictures and videos. Three main themes have been developed for you: The great dinosaur eras, each with their different species, the continental shift and finally, the extinction of dinosaurs.


With #DinoTransfo, we invite you to find the dinosaur that is sleeping inside you. Transform yourself into a dinosaur thanks to augmented reality! A not-to-be-missed experience on the main pathway as soon as you arrive.

To see everything at the zoo this summer!

The Zoo de Granby offers four major parks for you to visit! The Animal Park presents 1800 specimens of almost 230 animal species.

The Water Park has one of the biggest wave pools in Quebec. The River promises the most surprising adventures and the Amazonian Descents, 3 slides that start at the top of a 15-meter tower, will make your head spin … with fun! The Water Park closes its door august, 26 and reopen for the long week-end september 1, 2 and 3, 2018.

The Amusement Park is a must with its rollercoasters, bumper cars and many skill-testing games. Last call for the amusement park this year is November 4, 2018.

Finally, our Dinozoo Park with its 21 life-size, animated dinosaurs is trtuly your while! The extinction of the Dinosaurs will occur on November 4, 2018.

How to get started?
Visit us at to see the different circuits we propose so you’ll be sure not miss anything!