Important Information

Here are important details to make sure you have a wonderful experience!

Included with your registration

Along with your participation in this unique event in Quebec, you will receive:

  • The official ZOOGRANBY-RBC medal
  • Free access to Zoo de Granby for the entire day
  • A snack after the race
  • Timekeeping service (10K and 5K route only)

Retrieving your race bib and t-shirt

It's possible to retrieve your race bib and TShirt on the eve of the event, at the Horace-Boivin Pavillon from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

If you retrieve your race bib on the day of the race:

  • 10K: To make sure you don't miss your departure, we suggest you arrive at least 1 hour before the departure (planned at 8:15 a.m.).
  • 5K: To make sure you don't miss your departure, we suggest you arrive at least 1 hour before the departure (first planned at 8:50 a.m.).

Free the animal inside you

Would you like to come to the zoo wearing an animal costume? Well, it’s possible! Get dressed up as your favourite animal or in any fun animal costume and blend in with our environment!

Schedule of the day

8:00 a.m.: Warm up session before the 10K departure with ZBD Crew

8:15 a.m.: Departure of the 10K race

8:30 a.m.: Warm up session before the 5K departure with ZBD Crew

8:50 a.m.: 5K - Leopard departure - Less than 30 minutes

8:55 a.m.: 5K - Zebra departure - from 30 to 35 minutes

9:00 a.m.: 5K - Giraffe departure - from 30 to 35 minutes

9:05 a.m.: 5K - Rhinos departure - from 35 to 40 minutes

9:10 a.m.: 5K - Ostrich departure – from 35 to 40 minutes

9:15 a.m.: 5K - Camel departure - more than 40 minutes

10:15 a.m.: 1K - First departure

10:25 a.m.: 1K - Second departure

11:00 a.m.: End of the event and opening of the Zoo

Race routes followed

  • The 10K route will crisscross the various trails of the Zoo as well as the streets of the city of Granby!
  • The 5K route runs through every corner of the zoo including service alleys and other such areas not normally accessible to the public.
  • The 1K route starts by the Amazoo Water Park and travels into the african continent of the Zoo.

Food and water

It is your responsibility to hydrate yourself properly before the race, especially if the forecast calls for warm weather. Volunteers will be offering water at 2.5 km and 5 km (for the participants of the 10 km race) from the starting line. As you arrive at the finish line, a snack and water will also be given to you.


Strollers are welcome and must start out at the end of each corral, no matter the speed you registered in your registration forms.


You will be able to use the zoo parking areas located at 1050 Boulevard David-Bouchard N, Granby, QC, J2H 0Y6.

Zoo entrance (included with your registration)

  • The zoo will open with its regular scheduled activities at 11:00 a.m.
  • After finishing your race, on presentation of your bib at the gate, you will get access to the site.
  • People who are not registered in the race will be able to purchase an entrance ticket at the regular fall rates at the zoo ticket office starting at 10:30 a.m.

Entertainment and games during the event

We have organized a special area just for kids! This zone will, of course, be accessible for our non-registered visitors as well.

  • Inflatable games, mascots, etc.

Again, thank you so much for your participation. We’re excited to welcome you on Sunday September 15, starting at 7:00 a.m.!

Hoping to see you then,

The Organizing Committee