Discover the "Adoptive Parent" program

Thanks to this initiative, you can create a unique bond between yourself and your favourite animal. You will also help to contribute to the health of our animal guests, with their unique dietary needs:  

  • 50 000 kg of dry food
  • 15 500 kg of meat
  • 300 dozen eggs
  • 2 300 kg de carrots
  • 65 000 crickets
  • 13 800 mice and rats
  • 34 000 mealworms
  • 95 000 kg of hay... and much more!

Who can adopt an animal?

Everyone is eligible to adopt an animal at the Zoo de Granby: individuals, families, school groups, businesses, social clubs, etc.

It is an original and exotic way to highlight a special event!

Annual adoption plans and their benefits

Are you thinking about joining the Adoptive Parent Program? There are several ways you can benefit.
See below for all the options

What's the procedure to adopt an animal?

It's easy to adopt an animal. Just follow the 4 steps:

  1. Select your favourite animal 
  2. Select your adoption plan
  3. Complete the form
  4. Send it along with your donation, made payable to the Société zoologique de Granby

For more information: 450 372-9113, extension 2166 or [email protected]

Who are those Adoptive Parents?

Discover the generous people who subscribed to one of our Adoptive Parent Plans. 

Contact our team

For more information, please contact the following.

Phone : 450 372-9113, poste 2166
Email : [email protected]