Our little ones have grown up!

The live streaming of the video has now ended.


Hope, a female Amur leopard, gave birth naturally to 2 offspring about twenty days ago.

Since this very hopeful event for the species, our animal care team has been observing the mom and her cubs with the help of cameras.
The cubs were placed inside specially prepared environments for this species and can’t be seen by the public for the time being.

Connect to these cameras to enjoy your unique live access to these critically endangered felines

Our babies are growing well! A boy or a girl?

Our baby leopards are already 3 weeks old and have begun to open their eyes about a week ago. We’ve noticed that the little ones are more and more solid on their feet when they move about.

Between 6 and 8 weeks of age, they’ll get their first vaccine and our veterinarians will take advantage of this time to carry out a full physical examination besides confirming their sex.

The babies, along with their mom, might be visible in one of our habitats by this summer. Follow us on our social networks (Facebook & Instagram) to view their first steps outside in a couple of months from now!

“These births constitute a major success for ex situ conservation efforts of the species and are considered almost miraculous!” Karl Fournier, director of animal care at the Zoo de Granby.

Gestation: 90–105 days.

Litter: Generally, 2–3 young.

Habitat:Temperate forests

Status: Critical danger of extinction. There are just over 80 individuals in the wild.