The Noctambule never sleeps... 

Noctambule is an evening trail that starts as soon as the sun sets and welcome its visitors to explore the great Asian continent along with the exciting Dinozoo Park. 

Under a softly lit night sky, discover the animals of the Asian continent by following a circuit designed as a tribute to the animal world. Visitors will be able to learn more about several species, among them endangered ones, as you are accompanied by a wide-awake biologist, well aware of the nocturnal habits of our zoo residents!
As you follow this interactive, fun and family-friendly course, you will be awed by the tiger’s carousel, the origami dojo and the Shadow Master. With shadows blending together, light and sound effects will enhance your experience and create an air of mystery. Visitors will be asked to perform certain actions and to actively participate in the tour.

Because the well-being of our animals is a top priority for our institution, we designed our zoo habitats to be as natural as they can be so our animals feel at home and will reproduce as many innate behaviours as possible. Therefore, it is normal for our residents to feel the need to isolate themselves or just to sleep and we respect these behaviours. Yet, the fact remains that it is often at this period of the day that our Asian animals are the most active!

As they start out on the Dinozoo pathway, visitors will travel back in time some 65 million years to be submerged in a dimly lit night, inside a prehistoric-era setting, to discover a world today extinct, highlighting 21 animated, life-size dinosaurs

Become a true night owl and discover the zoo as you never have before. 

Schedule and rates

Noctambule wakes up every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from September 15 to October 29. 

Schedule (Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
Period Opening Hours
From September 15 to October 1st From 7 pm to 10 pm
From October 6 to October 29 From 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Rates (Noctambule only)
Age Rates (taxes not included)
Less than 2 years old Free
2 years old $4.99
3 to 12 years old $9.99
13 years old and over $14.99

Extend your day at the zoo by adding Noctambule for only $5.99!*

*Conditions apply. 


You are a zoo member this fall? Great news! Noctambule is included in your membership. No reservations required, you just have to come with your member's card. Check out the schedule.