We are happy to welcome a new African elephant which arrived recently from the Pittsburgh Zoo’s International Conservation Center. Thandi, a 28-year-old female, is destined for breeding with Tutume, a 20-year-old male. She’ll also be joining Sarah, a 36-year-old female. The Zoo de Granby is very proud to have been selected among other institutions to welcome this elephant, and has worked in close collaboration with the team of the Pittsburgh Zoo for several months to prepare for the arrival of Thandi.

For the time being, the pachyderm is staying in a separate space under observation by the Zoo de Granby Animal Care personnel, in collaboration with two staff members of the Pittsburgh Zoo who accompanied the animal here.

If everything goes well, visitors will be able to see Thandi in an outdoor habitat in the next few weeks. In the meantime, visitors can see Sarah and Tutume in their outdoor habitat in the African Continent sector of the zoo every weekend during autumn, until November 3.

Read the official press release for more information about Thandi.