For a third consecutive year, we’ve had the immense pleasure of discovering that our female condor has once again laid an egg, and that, yes, it’s fertile!

After having been successful with our condor reproduction in the past, our team needed to take on a new worthwhile challenge this year. Indeed, in 2018, after the historic birth of a first Andean condor at the zoo,” Son”, the breeding male, attacked its offspring only a few days after the egg was hatched. The wound had required several weeks of support care. In the summer of 2019, the male repeated the same attack on the newborn. However this time, the fledgling sadly didn’t survive.

Confronted by this upsetting situation, our team of specialists created a scientific protocol based on some of the most important American zoological institutions’ accumulated experiences, such as that of the San Diego Zoo. The objective was to have the fledgling be raised by a human, without any imprinting on the chick. The small bird, a female, was hatched last June 21. The protocol was strictly carried out by the animal care technicians, and everything has been going well up to now. The little one is growing fast!

The Andean condor is an endangered species in its natural habitat. Specialists sending out reproduction recommendations by identifying the candidates according to their genetics, have identified 21 reproductive couples. Of these 21 couples, only 3 have been able to produce a chick, including the female at the Zoo de Granby, who’s at her third one.