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Love. Learn. Preserve.
For more than 65 years.

The Zoo de Granby is emblematic flagship tourism activity for Québec, the non-profit organization is greatly involved with safeguarding threatened species for over several decades now.

Last March 14, we were sad to close our gates to the public. However, we’ve continued to offer the highest quality of care for our 1,500 animals. Their wellbeing is a priority for the entire team, present on the site 7 days a week. Veterinarians, animal care technicians and biologists have remained on duty to ensure that all the necessary attention is being provided for this diversified and unique animal collection. Nutritional needs, enrichment activities, biomedical training, veterinary treatments… The zoo has kept up its routine of cares, even though we’ve had to implement measures to protect our staff and animals because of COVID-19.

The costs relating to animal cares are significant. Our long, very diversified grocery and medication lists, as well as some of our other expenses directly geared to our animals’ wellbeing, come to a total of more than $500,000 per year.

These expenses are normally covered by our admission fees, and all the zoo’s related activities which can’t be offered for now; these include our educational programs at the zoo itself as well as our involvement in different Québec school projects.

Did you know?

  • Each year, we need to purchase almost 200 tons of millet to feed our animals—the equivalent weight of 38 elephants!
  • One gorilla alone will eat 6.1 kg of vegetables per day … and our 4 four lowland gorillas eat more than 2,000 kilos of lettuce per year!

  • Our animals, notably, our primates, ungulates and fish species consume 37 tons of feed per year.

  • In 2019, the zoo’s veterinary services performed 190 anesthesia operations on different animals in our collection.

The Zoo de Granby was about to open for its now compromised summer activities. Normally, more than 80% of the zoo’s revenues are generated during this period.

The Fondation du Zoo de Granby is soliciting the population’s help with their “YOUR ZOO NEEDS YOU” fundraising campaign aiming to sustain their animal collection’s basic needs.

Constituted as a charitable organization, the Zoo de Granby will be able to issue an income tax receipt for your donation.

For a major donation, please contact us at the following adress : [email protected]

The Zoo de Granby is a non-profit organization. All benefits are reinvested in the Zoo’s mission in which animal conservation plays a central role. Therefore, for more than 65 years, the Zoo and its foundation have been actively committed to protecting threatened species and their habitats everywhere throughout the world.