Amur tiger

Amur tiger

Latin name: Panthera tigris altaica

A Powerful Predator!

  • Its front legs and shoulders are powerfully muscular, adapted to the capture and killing of large preys, such as elks and wild boars.
  • It is a true athlete! It can cover nearly 8 km while swimming, jump four meters high and run at a speed of up to 95 km/hr!
  • The tigress is a devoted mother that fiercely defends her young. Unlike the lion, she always lets her kittens eat first, even if the prey is small and there might not be anything left for her.
  • It used to be known as the Siberian tiger, but the feline has not been seen in that region of the globe for many years. There are less than 500 tigers remaining in the wild.
  • It is severely threatened with extinction. In addition to being hunted for its fur, many body parts which are used in the making of products for traditional Asian medicine.
  • Distribution

    Northern China, Russia

  • Habitat

    Temperate rainforests

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    Asia Trail