Bennett’s wallaby

Bennett’s wallaby

Latin name : Macropus rufogriseus

The Kangaroo's Smaller Cousin!

  • With is long hind legs and long tail, Bennett's wallaby resembles a small kangaroo. The family name macropod comes from the Greek for "big foot". 
  • It moves around by jumping and using its tail for balance. When travelling very short distances, it leans on its tail that it uses as a fifth limb. 
  • Its gestation period is very short: only 30 days in the mother's uterus! The fetus then climbs by itself into the pouch called marsupium, mainly guided by smell. The development then continues for 8 months in the marsupial pouch.   
  • According to a dictionary on Australian mammals, the origin of the name wallaby comes from the aboriginal words "wolabi" or "ualabi" meaning "small kangaroo". 
  • Bennett's wallaby thrives in the wild and is not a threatened species. It is however protected in every state of Australia.  
  • Distribution

    Tasmania, Eastern Australia

  • Habitat

    Eucalyptus forests

  • Diet


  • Status

    Least concern

  • Zoo Zone

    Australian Road Trip