Eastern grey kangaroo

Eastern grey kangaroo

Nom latin : Macropus giganteus

A Prodigious Leap!

  • Only the female has a ventral pouch, called marsupium. After 36 days in its mother's uterus, the small embryo leaves it for the pouch and continue its development for about 10 months.
  • There exists a hierarchy among adult males and this hierarchy is established through combat. Kangaroos are well known for their "kick boxing" matches.  
  • With momentum, its leaps can reach 9 m, which equals the length of a bus! The registered record for an eastern grey is 13,5 m!
  • The eastern grey is now the most abundant macropodidae family on the Australian continent, its population consisting of around ten million individuals. There are up to 367 eastern grey kangaroos for every square km in some nature reserves!  
  • The commercial kangaroo hunt, for its skin and meat, started around 1802; their populations diminished before climbing back up and they are now even considered pests in some areas.
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  • Habitat

    Plaine herbeuse

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  • Status

    Least concern

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    Australian Road Trip