Green sea turtle

Green sea turtle

Latin name: Chelonia mydas

An Entire Life Spent in Water!

  • An adult weighs over 100 kg and can live up to 80 years old...possibly longer! This turtle spends its entire life in water; the female comes out only long enough to lay her eggs.
  • Its hard shell protects it from predators. Its shape being flat and tapered, it is also aerodynamic. Although its cruising speed is about 2 km/hr, it is capable of stunning acceleration.
  • It's the only sea turtle that is strictly herbivorous once it has reached adulthood. It feeds mostly on algae and seagrasses.
  • The eggs are deposited in a hole in the sand that the female digs out with her hind flippers. She usually lays between 100 and 120 eggs at a time, but there could be 200 inside a single nest!
  • It is threatened by the presence of humans, the modifications to its habitat and the loss of laying sites. The mortality rate for the young is extremely high, in addition, it takes about twenty years before it can reproduce.
  • Distribution

    World oceans (except Antarctica)

  • Habitat

    Warm waters

  • Diet


  • Status


  • Zoo Zone

    South Pacific Odyssey Pavilion