White rhinoceros

White rhinoceros

Latin name: Ceratotherium simum

A Different Method of Freshening Up!

  • It is the only animal that wears its horns on its nose; made of keratin, the first one is always longer than the second one. It is used to dig up the soil, but also for defense purposes.
  • To care for its skin, the white rhinoceros takes clay baths! Once dry, it provides a protective shield against insect bites and the hot sunrays.
  • Contrary to its lumbering appearance, the rhinoceros is capable of quick acceleration, even with its average weigh of two tons: up to 40 km/hr!
  • The three toes on each foot leave a print reminiscent of an "ace of clubs" on the ground. Its hearing is extremely sharp thanks to the mobility of its ears, compensating for a weak eyesight.
  • The numerous virtues granted its horn in traditional Asian medicine render the rhinoceros highly vulnerable to poaching activities.
  • Distribution

    Central and southern Africa

  • Habitat


  • Diet


  • Status

    Near threatened

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