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30 +


Add a special guest to your event: one of our animal ambassadors accompanied by a biologist will surely captivate the crowd!

Meet Esteban, our Southern three-banded armadillo or Domino the skunk. Take a selfie with PuiPui the two-toed sloth. The arrival of our biologist and one of animal ambassadors will surely be a key moment of your event. In addition to meeting our most charismatic species up close, your guests will also be able to ask our expert all kinds of questions about them. You’ll enjoy this privileged proximity with an animal that only the Zoo de Granby can offer!

A few of our animal species that might invite themselves to your event:

  • A Bactrian camel
  • A two toed sloth
  • A striped skunk
  • An Alpaca
  • A Snowy Owl
  • A ball python

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By holding your event at the Zoo de Granby, you support animal welfare and nature conservation. The Zoo de Granby is a non-profit organization.

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