Number of places

250 - 463


4306 p2


Located on the first floor (elevator available). Terrace on the roof open during the summer.
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Located on the first floor of the brand new corporate pavilion at the Zoo de Granby, directly accessible via the main parking lot, the Nairobi Hall can accommodate up to 250 people in banquet format and has a terrace on the roof.

The corporate building is located in proximity to the Amazoo water park and the new lion habitat, which was inaugurated in the summer of 2019. The pavilion also provides direct access to the water park for corporate and private groups and an easily accessible path that links the new construction to the Lodge, a large terrace overlooking the African savannah.

The building's interior design is inspired by nature and organic elements for a distinctive signature pavilion in the region: chic nature ambiance, using wood in reference to the forest, and the integration of light in the decor are just some of the many elements that are found.

The Nairobi Hall was named to honour the King of the savannah, delighting visitors from 1997 to 2015. An imposing male weighing over 160 kg, Nairobi's particularly dense mane, highlighted by its natural flair, has been immortalized in more than one shot. Progenitor to 10 offspring, Nairobi has contributed in the successful breeding of the African lion, a vulnerable species in the wild.

Information about availability

  • Wi-Fi
  • Complete sound system ($)
  • Microphone ($)
  • Podium
  • Projection screen ($)
  • Easel
  • Projector ($)
  • Velvet curtain sections
  • Laptop computer ($)
  • Stand
  • Technical services offered by Show Devant ($)

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By holding your event at the Zoo de Granby, you support animal welfare and nature conservation. The Zoo de Granby is a non-profit organization.

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