Our mission

The Fondation du Jardin zoologique de Granby is an not-for-profit organisation with the mission of promoting and encouraging education, research and conservation. It contributes to its community's development and collaborates with numerous organisations.

Since its creation, the Foundation has invested over $ 2,000,000 in the implementation of several projects among them the purchase of equipment for the Vetoquinol veterinary hospital and the construction of the red pandas' habitat. The Foundation is an ambassador of the Granby Zoo's vision and mission, as well as a collaborator.

Fundraising campaigns

The Fondation du Zoo de Granby is seeking the public’s support through its fundraising campaign to help Australia’s flora and wildlife, devastated by the country’s ongoing forest fires. Protecting endangered species is a Zoo de Granby’s priority and a key part of its mission.


Following a recommendation by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), from which the Zoo de Granby is accredited, all donations will go to the Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund. The campaign was launched by Zoos Victoria’s three zoological gardens: the Healesville Sanctuary, the Melbourne Zoo and the Werribee Open Range Zoo. The donations gathered will be used in emergency veterinary care for animals affected by the fires, and to ensure Australia’s wildlife long-term recovery.

Another continent, a rich and diverse wildlife, endangered species, inspiring communities, harsh working conditions, many unforeseen events… The challenges, but also the perspectives ahead, motivated the Zoo de Granby and the Fondation du Zoo de Granby to become involved in this ambitious overseas project, covering 264,000 ha (Campo Ma’an National Park), in Cameroon. Several research and conservation initiatives have been carried out since 2015, for the conservation of elephants, gorillas and other threatened species, and to promote territory protection through the involvment of the community and the area’s economic players

2018 : A Great Year for the Foundation

Thanks to our generous donors, partners and participants to our activities, more than $240,000 were invested by the Foundation in 2018 to three major projects of the zoo. This money also enabled more than 300 children from underprivileged areas to have a memorable day at the zoo.

By doing so, the foundation continues to fulfill its mission to promote and encourage education, research and conservation.

A few videos of what we do

Board of Directors

  • Philippe Gosselin, President
  • Jean-François Dumas, Vice-president
  • Stéphanie Brunelle, Treasurer
  • Paul Gosselin, Secretary
  • Carole Bessette, Administrator
  • Julie Gagné, Administrator
  • François Maheu, Administrator
  • Olivier Poulin, Administrator
  • Odile Ribard, Administrator
  • Guy Vincent, Administrator
    • Alain Faucher, Past President
    • Benoit Chabot, Director