Our mission

The mission of the Fondation du Zoo de Granby is to finance and promote conservation, research and educational projects pertaining to the preservation of wildlife, flora and the environment in connection with animal species. It contributes to its community's development and collaborates with numerous organisations.

For any major donation, please contact us at : [email protected]

Fundraising campaigns

Board of Directors

  • Jean-François Dumas, President
  • Stéphanie Brunelle, Vice-president
  • Lee Patterson, Treasurer
  • Paul Gosselin, Secretary

  • Katherine Breton, Administrator
  • Philippe Gosselin, Administrator
  • Olivier Poulin, Administrator
  • Odile Ribard, Administrator
  • Alain Faucher, Past President
  • Marie-Claude Landry, Director - Philanthropic Development, Partnerships and Sponsorships