Our mission

The Fondation du Jardin zoologique de Granby is an not-for-profit organisation with the mission of promoting and encouraging education, research and conservation. It contributes to its community's development and collaborates with numerous organisations. 

Since its creation, the Foundation has invested over $ 2,000,000 in the implementation of several projects among them the purchase of equipment for the Vetoquinol veterinary hospital and the construction of the red pandas' habitat. The Foundation is an ambassador of  the Granby Zoo's  vision and  mission, as well as a collaborator.  

Board of Directors

  • Philippe Gosselin, President
  • Jean-François Dumas, Vice-president
  • Stéphanie Brunelle, Treasurer
  • Paul Gosselin, Secretary
  • Carole Bessette, Administrator
  • Roland Choinière, Administrator
  • Julie Gagné, Administrator
  • François Maheu, Administrator
  • Francis Nault, Administrator
  • Olivier Poulin, Administrator
  • Odile Ribard, Administrator
  • Serge Tremblay, Administrator
  • Guy Vincent, Administrator
  • Alain Faucher, Past President
  • Benoit Chabot, Director