Visit the zoo at its most colourful! ​

Every weekend this fall, from September 7 to November 4, visit the zoo in a truly enchanting colourful setting. As you walk along our trails divided into four continents, you will observe 1500 animals representing nearly 225 exotic species and 90 marine species.

As the night sets in, head out to conquer the zoo as a night owl. Meet Mother Nature, the Master of Shadows, the Noctambule Fairy, our biologists and many animals in their nocturnal habits.Visit each of our six luminous worlds in order to find and collect their stars: the Dinozoo, Asia, South America, the Village, the Cavern and the Discovery Hut. At the end of your quest, assemble your night light, ask for your flame and let the animals watch over you throughout the following nights.

Take some time during your visit to enjoy the rides in our amusement park! For the young and not so young! The park is open every weekends until November 4.

Until November 4, visit the Dinozoo park and discover 21 full-scale dinosaurs in a whole new world to discover!

Truly, a day you won’t soon forget!

From October 11 to November 4, get 5$ off on a daily ticket, 13 years old and over. Online purchase only. Enter the promo code fall2018


Approximately fifteen theme presentations are held every day, starring our zookeepers who will share with you, all the secrets of their wards.

Noctambule: evening discovery trail

As soon as the sun sets, extend your day at the zoo by discovering Noctambule, the new evening experience of the zoo.

Animals and dinosaurs on a lighted path, biologists on the trail... A nocturnal activity not to be missed!

Simply add $5.99 to your daily ticket to attend Noctambule.

Dinozoo park

As they open their enormous serrated jaws, their blinking eyes gazing at us, arms moving, tails lashing through the air, roaring in our presence, we truly believe we have travelled back to the Jurassic era.

Shivers guaranteed!