Springtime Pleasures

As temperatures are slowly going up, more and more animals are venturing outside. Come fill your lungs with fresh air by taking a stroll on our paths. Just as during the winter, the zoo still offers its lowest rates of the year.

And although it’s nice out, don’t forget to visit our various pavilions.

The Elephants’ and Giraffes' Pavilion
The Afrika Pavilion
The Hippo River
The Temple
The Cavern
The Discovery Hut
The South-Pacific Odyssey Aquarium


Ten stations located in all four of the zoo’s continents will teach you fun stuff about our species’ babies!

What colour is a newborn pink flamingo? Does the porcupine have spines on its back when it is born? Find out the answers and many more by participating in our Rallye!


Approximately fifteen theme presentations are held every day, starring our zookeepers who will share with you, all the secrets of their wards.