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What's new at the zoo?

  • Winter at Zoo de Granby

    Winter at Zoo de Granby

    For more than 10 years, we’ve been welcoming visitors to experience Zoo de Granby in a new way and by doing so, have them discover facets of the zoo otherwise inaccessible to them.
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  • Two births that marked 2017

    Two births that marked 2017

    As we review all the events of 2017, we look back at two births that marked the year: Coumba the hippopotamus and Sakura, the little japanese macaque.
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We had a visit from the stork!
How we train our sharks
Baby Japanese Macaque
Birth by caesarian
A bright "green" future
Animal care
Easter surprises!
Born recently at the zoo
Meet Coumba
New in 2017
Winter Rally!
Come run at the zoo!
5 meerkat pups at the zoo
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Halloween at the Zoo
Animal care
Happy birthday Baïko!
Water Park
Discover Captain Dragon's Den
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Frozen treat for gorillas!